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Rocket Pod: Alpha

Defend Your Station!!

Welcome to SANA Station!

You job is to defend your station from the growing asteroid cluster threat. Fire your rockets and see how many waves you can withstand. SANA, The Space Administration of North America is counting on you! 

How To Play


Developed and Published By:


Special Thanks To:

  • Unity Technologies    

  • SMU Guildhall

  • Frontier Developments 



DC7 began as a gaming clan back in 2011. Our Members understand the value of gaming, righteous in victory and defeat (most of the time), compete with determination, and respect those around them. DC7 aims to provide gamers with the means of gaming with dignity alongside their fellow members. Our aim is to push DC7 into game development on the Windows 10, iOS, and Android platforms as well as expand into larger platforms further down the line.



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